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Publikum beim Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

Professional business events

About us

bamconn GmbH was founded in November 2022 as a spin-off of BIOCOM AG and continues its entire event management as an independent company. Here we build on more than 15 years of experience in the planning, organization and implementation of scientific events and exhibitions. 


Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum from small workshops with 20 participants to multi-day international conferences for up to 2,000 people as well as exhibitions on the topic of bioeconomy throughout Europe.


Customers for whom we have worked so far are companies, research institutions, associations and federal ministries as well as subordinate authorities and EU-funded projects.

Our team


  • 2019 - 2023

  • On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

  • Approx. 2,000 participants

  • Up to 100 high-level delegations from ministries of agriculture around the world and from international organizations

  • The GFFA is the international conference on key future issues in global agricultural and food policy.

  • Annually since 2017

  • In cooperation with the BEAM Alliance

  • Approx. 500 participants

  • The AMR Conference is a platform for biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, investors, research institutions and the public sector to discuss strategies and the specific challenges involved in the development and launch of new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics.

Swiss Biotech Day 2023
  • Annually since 2013

  • In cooperation with the Swiss Biotech Association

  • Approx. 1,800 participants

  • The Swiss Biotech Day is one of the leading biotechnology conferences in Europe. The event offers professionals from the life sciences industry the space to network for a day and a half and discover trends in R&D, manufacturing, artificial intelligence and innovative finance.

IMG_3875 (1).jpeg
  • 2018 - 2021

  • Commissioned by EuropaBio

  • Approx. 400 participants

  • The EFIB is the most important European conference on the economic and environmental contribution through innovation and production in industrial biotechnology and the bioeconomy. The event is held in a different European city each year.

  • 2015 + 2018

  • Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • Approx. 700 participants

  • The focus of the Global Bioeconomy Summits was a sustainable bioeconomy. High-level speakers provided insights into the dynamics of global bioeconomy development and its role in addressing global crises and evolving innovation and consumer approaches.

  • 2017

  • Commissioned by Ilmenau University of Technology

  • 25 participants

  • This and other workshops brought experts from different disciplines together to jointly develop new working concepts and roadmaps. This also included a strategy process for new biotechnological processes on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, only a few face-to-face events could take place in 2020 and 2021. In order to still enable the necessary knowledge transfer and international consultations, we have held various conferences such as the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture or the AMR Conference as interactive digital formats. 


In order to make the term bioeconomy understandable and more tangible for the general public, we have developed exhibition concepts that clearly present concrete examples of bioeconomy products. These exhibitions have been held at various locations across Europe as part of EU-funded projects, as well as commissions from the European Commission, EuropaBio and others.


Your event

Whether a small workshop or a larger conference, whether face-to-face or digital or hybrid, whether a pure lecture program or with an exhibition - we are happy to plan and organize your events in order to achieve an optimal experience for your guests. Here we can provide all services from the conception of the program to the selection of the conference location and format as well as the coordination of all trades to comprehensive on-site support. Please get in touch to learn more. 

Contact us:

+49 176 101 439 86

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